Trading Losses – How to handle your trading emotions

Trading losses can end a career in a matter of a day, an hour, or in extreme circumstances even a few minutes.  Here I outline some of the ways I have dealt with losses in the past and how I got over the hump. 1. Stop – Pull your hands off the mouse and ask […]

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Risk Management – Live Trades from the Trading Room

This post is a little different, I’m just posting a video of a couple trades I took in the live trading room.  In the video I take two trades, one in the crude oil market and the other in the euro futures market. What’s most important about these trades is that I wasn’t right on […]

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Live ES Short Trade

This post has a video showing a Live Short Trade in the ES Futures Market and how I used my Day Trading Strategies to wait for the proper set up.  The set up happens to be the very first trade of the day and it is a trade that was taken in the direction of […]

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What are the Most Important Support and Resistance Levels?

As a day trader, you should know the most important support and resistance levels. Have you ever entered a trade, just to watch the market move immediately against you? Did you feel like there was some unseen wall, or some sort of “magic” price level that everyone knew about except for you? In reality there’s […]

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keys to success in a new home business

New Home Business Keys to Success

<<== Please share over here New Home Business Keys to Success! If you follow my blog you have noticed that I have been writing a lot about getting started lately and the reason is I still have people email me confused on how to start their new home business. Enjoy what I am calling the […]

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day trading strategy

How To Stop Over-Trading | Do You Always Have Your Foot On The Gas Pedal?

Do you know any trader who over-trades? Do you know him/her personally? Over-trading is the most common challenge of trading and source of loss. Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar? After a few wins, you become overconfident. You start taking trades immediately, feeling invincible. You forget all the rules. You have a few […]

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Looking for Screen Capture Software? Try Jing… It’s Free!

In this video, I show how easy it is to use the Jing Screen Capture Software and how simple it is to upload videos to YouTube.  I personally use Jing everyday to market and advertise my business online.  I train my team on how to market their business as well and I use Jing to […]

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Do Your Best Not To Over Optimize Your Content – Just Be Yourself and Provide Content People Want

Ok SEO community, unless you have been living under a rock you are all aware of the Matt Cutts BIG announcement – The Over-optimization penalty. Many of you have probably seen the Blog post on WebMaster Tools as well. Ok, take a deep breath…count to ten…& don’t panic. This is NOT the end of SEO […]

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How to Write a Memorable Blog Post

How to make the best of your Blog Posts… If you’re new to blogging, or experienced, it can be a challenge on exactly what to say, or how to write a blog post.   Step by step,  I will give you my thought process before I start, how I do keyword research, what helps keep […]

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Cool Tips for Creating POWERFUL Videos using Powerpoint!

Hope you’re enjoying your Holiday Weekend! I made a video this weekend, and I thought you might get some good ideas from it for your business.  I use a video editing software called Camtasia, and it’s more expensive obviously than Jing or some of the free software programs out there.  It costs $299, but I […]

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